WHat comes next

Talking Transition: Harris County has been an initiative of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo to bring together thousands of Harris County residents from all walks of life to have our voices heard about issues that matter to us—from the education of our children to the fairness of our justice system—to share ideas, and to collectively inform the Judge’s priorities for her first year.

The initiative included a variety of ways to learn from residents, including a county-wide Survey (which has garnered 11,000+ responses), and Civic Saturdays, an event series that took place across Harris County on seven consecutive Saturdays between early February and late March, 2019 (which attracted residents from 100 zip codes in the County and involved 200+ cross-sector organizations).

Next Up

Our goal is to keep the momentum and energy of the initiative collectively-generated, collectively-owned, and biased towards action.

In the coming weeks the work will be to summarize the findings of the Survey, and the valuable wisdom that emerged from Civic Saturdays, including the shared visions, insights and proposals shared by participants in that collective setting.

Stay tuned.

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